Parent reviews

At the end of every year in the autumn term, after Parent Consultation have taken place, we encourage our parents and carers to inform us of how they think we are doing. There is also the opportunity for families and carers to add their thoughts through

..seen progress in all areas

We are very happy with the way our child has settled into Playgroup and the care/education that she has been receiving. She is clearly very happy to attend Playgroup and talks fondly of her friends and teachers. We have seen progress in all areas of development and are excited for what next term has to offer.

…loves coming in each morning

We love everything about this Playgroup. It’s great to know that Lydia loves coming in each morning. The one-on-one interaction that we can see evidently through the Learning Journal is excellent, so it’s great to know that she is not only learning but also having fun and feels free to express herself in such a friendly environment.

…settle into new routines quickly

Big thank-you to the staff for creating an environment which has helped William to settle into new routines quickly and make friends. Very happy Mummy!

…great bond with keyworker

Grace has settled into Playgroup very well and I feel she has a great bond with her Keyworker Sarah. She has developed brilliantly in all areas and is becoming a confident little girl. I think the Playgroup has really brought Grace on a great deal.

…lovely safe and friendly setting

Anya loved the fact she had to return to preschool after the summer for another year. She gets so much out of preschool with the different routines and she has access to things she wouldn’t get to do at home, maybe. She loves to interact with the other children in the setting. The preschool is a lovely safe and friendly setting with great staff and lovely children – Anya loves Preschool.

…outdoor play each day

The Village Playgroup is a wonderful setting. All the staff are friendly and go that extra mile. The children are all happy and it’s so nice to have a variety of different toys to play each day. Lovely creations are made from the craft table and junk modelling. The children use their imaginations and it’s nice to hear what it is. It’s nice that there is outdoor play each day, the field is a great area for lots of running around. The Keyworkers spend time with the children and this can be seen in the personal folder. I get great satisfaction looking at the folder and looking at the milestones that are achieved.

…Keyworker always keeps me informed

Wednesday is Jude’s favourite day of the week as he gets to go to Playgroup. He never says he doesn’t want to go and is always excited. The staff are friendly and my Keyworker always keeps me informed.

…enjoys her time every day

I think the balance that you achieve is at the right level and I don’t think that many/any changes could be made to improve. The Learning Journals are a work of art and support/provide the daily learning and development that Sophie receives from her Keyworker and fills me with pride that she is taking so much on board and being able to articulate/use her growing vocabulary. I’m totally supportive of the Playgroup’s tireless work to provide a fun learning platform for our children. I’ve seen such a huge difference in Sophie since she started last September and know that her Keyworker will have her where she needs to be as she takes the next step on the educational ladder. She enjoys her time every day and loves Cheryl, Janice, Emma and all the ladies (staff and Keyworkers). Thank you Cheryl for all you’ve done, Sophie loves her whole preschool experience.

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