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Mission Statement 

It is our firm belief that every child and adult that walks through the doors of our Playgroup be greeted, accepted and treated in the same manner in which we ourselves would expect to receive. Every child has different needs and family circumstances. Child Development is individual as they all develop in different ways and at varying rates, making each and every one of them "A Unique Child". Our aim is to recognise the differences in our individual children and remember that they are all equally as important. We have an Equal Opportunities Policy in place that sets out the importance of this inclusive practice. We recognise the importance of keeping young children safe and the fact that they are vulnerable, therefore rigorous checks are taken upon all staff. Disclosure and Barring Service checks are made before they are left alone to care for the children. Staff are trained at a high level to recognise and respect the need for children protection and know about children`s health and also their well-being.

In order that we get to know our children and their families it is important to us to build "Positive Relationships" . To do this we encourage our staff to interact with not just the children but also their families too. We respect that parents and carers up until coming to us have been the prime educators to their children but now it is important that we work together to support learning and enhance the children`s development and learning by working in partnership with each other. This to us is more valuable than any amount of resources. To facilitate these relations each child in assigned a Key worker who will have the special responsibilities that will enable them to give reassurance, help them feel safe and cared for and build a good relationship with their parents.

The Key workers aim is to get to know their children as individuals in order to create an "Enabling Environment" . This is done through observation, assessment and then planning an environment that has schedules and routines that flow with the children`s individual needs, current interests, development and learning. Supporting every child through planned experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable in a rich environment helps to support this. Our aim is to give them Learning environments that help to build the confidence to explore and learn in our secure and safe, yet challenging, indoor and outdoor spaces.

In the wider context we do what we can to introduce the children to the areas outside the pre-school setting within the local community by either visiting them or inviting them into our setting to meet us. We feel it is important to the children`s well-being to understand that being involved in community events and knowing their local area and amenities, contributes towards being safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving and making a positive contribution. Here at The Village Playgroup we recognise that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates AND.... that areas of "Learning and Development" are equally important and inter-connected.

It is important for us to remember the Principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and that it is now made up of seven areas of learning and development and that all of these areas are put into practice. Three being classed as "Prime Areas" to include, communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. The other four areas literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts, these are classed as the "Specific Areas" through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied. Children`s play and exploration reflects their wide ranging and varied interests and pre-occupations. They do and repeat what they see. So it important that Active learning is supported by staff, adults and their peers to promote positive play behaviour for further development. In order to support their creativity and critical thinking, we encourage opportunities for different role play situations and a variety of life like recourses, to enable them to discover connections and come to new and better understandings. Our Staff are trained to understand that their support enhances the children`s ability to think critically and ask questions.

We remember that each day is a new day and not the same as before! We continue with the knowledge that each day we ALL learn something new!



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