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Daily Timetable 

The typical daily timetable is detailed below as a general guide. Every effort is made to ensure that all children get a period of outdoor play at some point during each session.
08:30am Staff arrive to set up the room and to plan for the day
09:15am Parents/carers arrive with their children, payment of fees, etc.
09:25am Parents/carers leave, children sit on the mat ready for registration
09:35am Children settle into free play activities of Key worker groups
10:30am Snack time and toilet reminder
11:00am Table games or outdoor play
11:10am Five minute warning to finish
11:15am Pack away time and toilet reminder
11:30am Singing, sharing news, story time
11:45am Ready to go out to play or play indoors if bad weather
12:15pm Morning session children collected by Parents/Carers / Afternoon session begins
12:15pm Lunch Club children and staff have their lunch with free play when finished
12:30pm Staff go home if not on rota
1:00pm Lunch Club children collected by Parents/Carers / Afternoon session continues with adult led 1 to 1 activities and free play
1:40pm Five minute warning to pack away and toilet reminder
1:45pm Pack away time for adults and children
1:55pm Afternoon story, rhyme time, circle time, singing, adults continues to pack away
2.15pm All children collected by Parents/Carers whilst adults continue to pack away
2:30pm Remaining staff go home and setting closed



Werrington Community Centre, Church Street, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6QE
01733 571224/07884 151226 - Term Time 9.15am -1pm
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